Bible Camping with Northside

Northside Bible Camp
Entering 4th-12th grades in the Fall of 2019 
June 8th-12th, 2019

Registration & $115 camp fee due June 2nd

A non-refundable deposit of $50 must be paid by May 19th.

Beginner  Camp
 Entering 1st-3rd grades in the Fall of 2019
June 14th & 15th, 2019

 Registration & $30 camp fee due on June 2. 

A non-refundable $15 deposit must be paid by May 19th.




To PAY for your camp deposit or to pay the entire camp fee, you have a several options. 

Option #1: Pay cash or check to the church office, Charlie Manning, Wes Ader, or Stephanie Howell. Make your check out to Northside Church of Christ.

Option #2: Mail a check to Northside Church of Christ 917 North East Street  Benton, AR  72015

Option #3:  Pay ONLINE. You MUST comment in the online payment that this is for Senior or Beginner Camp. If you do not note this when you enter your payment, we could think the money is for your weekly contribution and not for camp.

What to Bring & Dress Code


___BIBLE (Remember that you won’t have a Bible app during the day because you won’t have your phone.)


___body wash, wash cloth and/or bath crunchy



___hairbrush/comb (Girls don’t forget something to pull your hair back!)

___bedding for twin bed & pillow. (Twin sheet set and blanket or a sleeping bag.)

___water bottle

___bug repellent



___dirty Clothes/wet bag

___something to do independently during cabin quiet time if you need something to entertain you. (Book, coloring book, drawing paper, etc.)

___swimsuit (A cover up that goes to mid-thigh must be worn over swimsuits while walking to the pool.)

___We will provide pool noodles, but you can bring swimming goggles if you want to. If you need a life vest, bring one. (The majority of the pool is 3 1/2 ft, but goes to 5 ft.)

___Towels (Consider nightly showers & daily swimming. We will have a clothes line for towels to dry on.)

___Play clothes. Consider packing at least two more sets than will actually be needed.
       Beginner campers will only need one more set of clothes than needed.



___hat and/or sunglasses (optional)

___Flip flops or water shoes for showering & walking to the pool.


___Tennis Shoes (Must be worn during play time.)

DO NOT come to camp without tennis shoes.


In the original labeled container, medications are to be given to the camp nurse at check-in.

The following camp dress code applies to campers and staff.

• Shorts, skorts, skirts, or dresses must come to mid-thigh length.

• T-shirts with objectionable material (such as alcoholic beverages or tobacco products) are not to be worn. 

• All tops and dresses must have sleeves at least 2 inches wide or the width of 3 fingers

• No students may wear midriff tops, mesh shirts, racerback shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, fishnets, or tops that leave the stomach, sides, cleavage, or back exposed. 

• Pants must be fitted at the waist – no sagging. 

• No torn or ripped clothing may be worn. 

• Spandex and Lycra shorts, tight fitting cotton shorts, leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants may be worn only under shirts that provide front and back coverage.

The camp director reserves the right to ask campers or staff to change clothes.

If you have any questions about the dress code, please contact,

Charlie Manning at or

Todd Ferguson

DO NOT Bring knives, guns, matches, lighters, or fireworks.


We strongly discourage you from bringing snacks or sodas as it encourages ants in the cabin. Those who have snacks in the cabin tend to fill up on snacks and then are too full to eat at meal times. Campers will be fed 3 meals a day, a popsicle or two in the afternoon, and a snack in the evening between supper and bedtime.

Our cooks feed us well at camp!