Wednesday Evening Bible Classes: 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday Evening Bible Classes: 6:30 p.m.

*Cradle Roll and 2-year olds: Palma Smiley curriculum.

*Pre-K through Kindergarten: HeartShaper curriculum.

*1st Grade through 4th Grades are using the Hyfi curriculum on Wednesdays which brings a new approach to ministry that’s designed to help leaders help kids discover their true identity in Christ, reach families who may have never entered a church before, build connection between kids and leaders, and create a sense of belonging. Hyfi can stand for Here You Find Identity.

Hyfi teaches 12 simple, biblical truths—guiding kids to learn who they are because of who God is. One of the biggest questions kids and students are facing today is “Who Am I?” They are constantly hearing messages from the culture like “Follow your heart.” “Be true to yourself.” “Live your truth.” God has a counter-cultural answer for this question. In Hyfi, kids will open the Bible to discover who God says they are.

These classes include biblically-sound content with a clear picture of Jesus and the gospel in every session. The ultimate need of every kid is a relationship with Jesus. Hyfi provides Bible stories and gospel connections each week in a real and relevant way. Kids will begin to see that “Here You Find Identity (in Christ).”

*5th & 6th Grades use a curriculum called Forged: Faith Refined to help preteens develop a worldview based on God’s perspective. This Bible study is designed to encourage and teach preteens the unchanging truth of God’s Word as they are grappling with an ever-changing culture around them. The Bible can help refine their faith and prepare them to understand and interact with the world around them with a biblical worldview. They will explore biblical truth in various areas of preteens’ lives and help them evaluate how to live gospel centered lives in their community and world.

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